Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mortgage Is Paid Off

A few weeks ago we paid off our home after 20 years. Hubby is going to retire in about two years and we had planned on having the house paid off before he retired. We still have a few more projects to do around the house and than we will be putting it up for sale and buying our forever home. Not sure where, but will be looking soon.

We had planned on going to the bank and paying the last payment, but you can't do that now. Does anyone remember days when you could do that and than you had a party. We had to mail our last payment in and now waiting for the deed in the mail. Just not the same as they showed in the movies. The important thing is that it is paid off.

We are the first in our family to have a home and pay it off. Our parents were never lucky to own their homes and it means more to us that we can.

We decided to go and buy a car now that we are debt free. We had been talking about getting one that could tow a small camping trailer because Hubby wants to travel now and after retirement. We did our research and bought a Jeep. This is the second new vehicle we have had in our lives. The first one was Hubby's truck and that was 15 years ago. It is still going strong and he would not trade it for anything.

Here is the picture of our new Jeep and I love her. She reminds me of a car I had in the 90's. It was an American Eagle station wagon.  Yes, I did name her too. I love naming my cars and she is called Saphira after the dragon in the movie Eragon. Call me stupid. H! HA!

We are looking for a used trailer for now, but if we can't find one than we will be looking for a new one. Hubby will have vacation time in late May, so hopefully we will have one by than.

Our weather is finally warming up and cannot wait to work in the yard and get the garden started. 

Hope you all have a nice weekend.



  1. Congratulations, Betty, on making the final on your mortgage. How fabulous you now own your home. Your Jeep looks fabulous. Here's to many happy years of you and your husband travelling and discovering all the wonderful places in your country.

  2. Congratulations on owning your home now....and I like your new car.
    Mr. Sweet and I paid off our house years ago. I drive a 2003 Ford Explorer, it is my all time fav car..never been in the shop...white, fully loaded and I wouldn't trade it for anything !!

  3. Wow!! Congratulations, Betty! That is quite an accomplishment. I think you should have party anyway...maybe in front of the bank! ;) Best of luck with your new car. I am a huge Jeep fan. We currently have two...mine is white. It always looks clean. Enjoy it!!

  4. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations to you guys!
    That is certainly something to be proud of.
    Cute new Jeep... very fun!

  5. Wow! Betty! Congratulations on paying off your mortgage. That is fantastic! I hope you and your husband will have many years to enjoy traveling. You certainly have worked hard for it. Hugs, Nancy