Monday, November 4, 2019

Painted The Hall Doors

We have a very narrow hallway with five doors and one opening.  I wanted to paint the doors again to give them a lighter look. When we put them in I painted them white and the hall was white too. A couple of years ago I wanted them to stand out so painted them brown. Now I was tired of the dark color so I painted them a light blue. Funny the sample was a lighter blue when I test painted them, but I still like the finished look.  What you see here in this picture is the end of the hall way and there are four doors just here.  Two bedroom doors, one bathroom, and one linen closet. Lord forbid people come out all at once.  HA! HA!

 Now the newly painted doors. Here you can see how long the hallway is and the five doors.

Years ago I decorated the house with dark colors of brown, beige, and reds. Last year I started to lighten up things throughout the house.

On to something else now.


Monday, October 28, 2019

They Said It Would Not Last

Last Friday David and I celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary. We married just two months after we met. Some said it was too quick and it would not last. Well, I guess we have the last laugh now.

    Hubby bought these beautiful roses for me and we had a quiet evening at home.

                                        Hope You all have a wonderful week.