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Front Yard In The Summer

For the last few years Our front porch as remained the same except the shrubs and vines are getting bigger. I so enjoy sitting on the front porch in the afternoon.  I am so happy our fence turned out so nice after cleaning. You can see a little of it here. We also have a back porch and I sit on it in the morning. Too hot for it in the afternoon.

I really love buying the plants in the pots from QVC. Every year they just seem to fill out their pots. I hope they will continue to sell them.

I am really happy with the crepe myrtle bushes along side of our fence. I do have one that is not doing to well, but lucky for us we have some growing in the back yard and this fall I will switch them out.

That is it for a tour of our front yard. I really miss blogger tours for their gardens. Maybe they are out there and I can't find them.

  Hope you all have a wonderful week.

When You Ask Your Hubby To Pull Up A Shrub

I have two lilac bushes in the yard, one in front and one in the back. This year I noticed the one in front was dying, from what I did not know. Than Hubby looked at the one in the back and it was dying too. He cut the dying branch off and saw it was hollow with what looked like worms. I looked on the internet and found they were some kind of larvae. They can go from shrub to shrub and destroy them.

Well, before I knew it Hubby had his truck in the back yard to pull them out. In the above picture is how he got in the back yard. Yea, I was surprised how he got the truck in there too. He was a truck driver many years and got in and out of tight spots before.

   He put a chain around the bush, but it did not work and got a rope and it did the trick.

    I thought the bush would have deeper roots, but it did not and I was glad of that.

We looked at the two bushes beside the lilac and they did not look good so Hubby took them down too.

    Now the back yard looks so much open with them gone, but I am a little sad that they are gone.

How was your weekend?