Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Tour Of My Craft Room

I finally finished my craft room. I have been having so much trouble with my knees that is was hard to do anything. I will have both replaced later this year.

I use the chest below to keep my fabric in for my sewing project.

Here is my desk that I read and make plans for projects on. David made it years ago and I repainted it and the chair.

 A closer look at the desk and shelf.  Do you ever get pretty calendars and just hate to throw them out? I took our last one apart and decided to just hang one of them above my desk.

I love Jim Shores products. Hubby bought me the Gnome years ago and I just had to keep Him inside so he can stay pretty.  The two angels are birthstone angels for Me and Hubby. I swear the one that has His birthstone seems to follow me around the room with her eyes.

I love the beach and you can tell it in this room. This cubical has some of my fabric, books, and music in it. Also two more of Jim Shores angels on the top.

I bought this angel because she has a puppy that looks so much like our Mandy that was with us for over 16 years.

This angel I got because I like Native American things.

Here is my table where I do my sewing. The sewing machine is a cheap one, but I would never give it up for an expensive one. It is perfect for me.

You see the horse on the wall, that is one Hubby had made for me. I love horses as much as I love the sea.

Well that is it and I hope you like the tour.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Painted The Hall Doors

We have a very narrow hallway with five doors and one opening.  I wanted to paint the doors again to give them a lighter look. When we put them in I painted them white and the hall was white too. A couple of years ago I wanted them to stand out so painted them brown. Now I was tired of the dark color so I painted them a light blue. Funny the sample was a lighter blue when I test painted them, but I still like the finished look.  What you see here in this picture is the end of the hall way and there are four doors just here.  Two bedroom doors, one bathroom, and one linen closet. Lord forbid people come out all at once.  HA! HA!

 Now the newly painted doors. Here you can see how long the hallway is and the five doors.

Years ago I decorated the house with dark colors of brown, beige, and reds. Last year I started to lighten up things throughout the house.

On to something else now.