Thursday, June 6, 2019

Redecorating The Dining Room

I have been working in the dining room this week. This room is horrible to get the right lighting so excuse it.

I am putting more blue into our home. I love the color and it is so relaxing and calming to me, which I need more of now.  I just bought the rug this week and love it. I had more brown in the room in recent years.

I bought this painting a few years ago. Someone asked me if I had painted it and I said no. Looking at it now I probably could have, but the paints and canvas would have cost more then the painting. I love the bright colors in it.

These are two bookcases that Hubby redid for me a few years ago. They were brown and I painted them white and he made doors to put on them.

I told you I like blue and putting more of it in our home. I am also collecting blue bottles. So happy to see they are in and easy to buy.

 What can I say about mugs and books. I love love love them. In fact I cannot get enough of both. I recently saw this mug on a bloggers page and just had to find it and buy it.

I have a small collection of Fiesta ware and here you can see some of my mugs and a teapot.

That is my tour of our dining room, on to my crafts room to redo.




  1. I have realized that I really hate the dark brown paint in our main living room, as well as the mustard yellow in the dining room and kitchen. But no way hubby will paint until our first Arizona summer is over, so I wait. I love blue too. I have turquoise accents throughout our home, but I think I'm going with a very light 'greige' in our main living room, as a slightly light sage in the dining room. Kitchen will be one or the other. I love your white bookshelf, and your blue items on it. :)

  2. Looks great, Betty!! I love all the blue glass pieces - it feels very tranquil and serene!

  3. I love it, Betty! You have done a great job of collecting blue--and all sorts of blue, too. Your dining room feels really calming and tranquil. Those cases your hubby made are amazing. I love how they look all displayed and set up.
    Have a wonderful night-sorry I have been so away from visiting. This working full time takes away my play time. lol xo Diana

  4. Blue is a beautiful hue, isn't it. Love your new rug, Betty. Love the white painted cupboards that you and your husband 'tarted' up. Your dining room is as pretty as a picture.

  5. Betty, it looks fabulous and so fresh! I love the bookshelf transformation. The doors are very cool! And I have a book and mug obsession a matter of fact, I have some of those very same books!!

  6. Hi Betty, your dining room is looking bright and cheerful. Maybe you don't have a lot of natural light in there but you are making up for it in all the splashes of color and those cabinets are gorgeous. You have created a very charming room, can't wait to see what you do with your craft room. You're such a busy girl, I wish I had your energy. Have a sweet weekend.

  7. Betty it all looks so bright and welcoming :) I love the painted set of cabinets. I too would love to see Ireland someday. It always looks and sounds so magical in films and books.

  8. This is all so cute Betty...I love your perfect finishing touches in all these nooks and crannies...beautiful job!

  9. Hello Betty, I like your new decorating scheme, so clean and inviting. Blue is my favorite color, it's a calming color,that looks perfect in your dining room. Love the new carpet, really is a focal piece.

  10. Looking good. I really like the doors on those bookcases and the touches of blue. I'm a sucker for blue bottles and jars.

  11. Looks great! The addition of blues are so calming and tranquil feeling.
    Nicely done~over cabinets too.

    Have a happy day.

  12. Your touches of blue in the dining room are lovely, those pale blue bottles gorgeous! Especially sitting on that pretty white cabinet. My husband has the same Fiesta mugs! Except for the orange one, which he'd love so I'd better look for one. He enjoys alternating his use of all the colors.

    I love the glass knobs you put on the new doors your husband made, that was so smart of him!

  13. The soft blues are beautiful! I love the pretty things you have on display...especially vintage items! I also love to decorate with books! We have some beachy decor in our house and I think of greens and blues when I decorate! Enjoy your day!