Sunday, April 7, 2019

Time to Garden

This was the garden last year. Everything looked so pretty and green. We did have some work to do on the fence, but never got a chance to work on it.

Now this is the yard now after Winter. So much work to do and this year that fence will be fixed. Everything looks so cold and horrible, but not for long.

 This is work I enjoy. Getting out and getting my hands dirty  and enjoying the Sun and air. What about you all?


  1. Lots of work to do here too...digging up garden beds and replanting bulbs. That is the thing about Autumn, there is a lot of clearing and cleaning up to be done. =) Enjoy getting those hands of yours dirty, Betty. Have lots of fun in the sun.

  2. It feels so good to be able to work outside in Spring, Betty, although it's also exhausting! I'm so sore today after all I did over the weekend, but the end results are incredibly worth it! You have a lot more green there than we do, though - nothing has leafed out yet here.

  3. Oh, it is beginning to look green here too and I am so excited. West Virginia is beautiful. My granddaughter is in college there, in Morgantown. She loves it.

  4. I enjoy yard work, but it's still so cold here. I wish it would get warmer quickly so I could go out and putter around. I like the tired you feel from yard work. It's an accomplished feeling! And I'm so glad you messaged me that you were blogging again. You had dropped off my feed. Blogger. Grrrr. I added you back so now I'm all set to keep up!!

  5. Oh yes! Digging in the dirt and gardening is my therapy~~**smile**!!
    Thanks for the visit and sweet comment. I have come by for a visit and joined your follower list.
    Retirement...what a nice thought and word!!
    We will officially retire in 20 month, tho we are preparing now. We live in a teeny town and the housing market isn't exactly booming, so we are getting started on selling our house now.
    Congrats on paying off your home!! That is major and an accomplishment to be proud of!

    Hope you find just the travel trailer that you've had in mind.
    We ended up buying a new one, on a 'winter' sale, and it is perfect for us two.
    Wowie.. trailers sure are fancy now a days!

    Smiles :)

  6. I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off and result in a lovely yard/garden. Have a lovely week.