Sunday, October 19, 2014

Back to the Kitchen and Creating More Space

This weekend we started back in the kitchen to do some work. This is the right side of our cabinets. As you can see this is what it looked like before the painting and new countertop. I always hated this cabinet because it  did not have shelves and you could not organize it very well. It looks like two cabinets, but it is actually one long one with three doors.

                    Here you see it all painted and of course the new countertop was put in, but do you see  what was one long cabinet is now two. Hubby put a wall up.

     Now I really like the cabinets. Hubby put a shelf in and we bought some wire baskets from Walmart and now I have a place to put the onions and potatoes. The wire baskets came with cloth liners, but I took them out.   The next thing Hubby did was to make me two sliding out shelves for our can food , cereal and such.

    Next week I will show you the left side.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Living Room Runners

I finished both runners for the Livingroom for fall. I really liked this fabric when I bought it and I still do, but sewing it was an experience. It raveled so badly and at first I wanted to give up, but I finished it and it will not ravel again. I am sure I did  it the right way and saved a piece to practiced on, so I can properly learn how to sew it.

           I have five tables in the livingroom, but only make runners for these two.

     I am done with my fall decorating in the livingroom. This year I am not decorating that much due to the work we still have to do to the kitchen. Speaking of kitchen we are back to working on it next week. I have some more painting to do, but now sure how much I will get done. For weeks now we had  a drought and last week the rains came and they are going to last through next week.
I hope Everyone has a nice and safe weekend.