Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Handmade Hearts

I love collecting and making hearts and not just for Valentine day. I made alot this past week. I think I need a larger basket. I know I need one.  HA! HA!

                           Some more hearts made. Some small, some large. 

 These are some hearts that I made a few years ago. The blue one and the ivory one hanging were gifts from two of my followers. I love getting hand made things from friends, they are more special.

You can go all through my home and you will see hearts every where. 


                               You can never have too many hearts lying around.

     These are just few of my hearts. I still have more and will be showing them at another time.  Do you love hearts and how do you display them?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My New Red Coffee Pot

For a few months I have wanted a red coffee pot for the kitchen. I have been added more red to the whole house in decor.  It was more a  problem finding one than I thought. You see I wanted a small one and that was the problem. I did not want the single server pots because sometimes Hubby needed to fill a large thermos with coffee and a single server would not work and our counter space is not big enough to have two coffee pots.  I searched and searched and finally found one at Sears. It is a 4 cup pot and was only $17.00. 

                                           Don't you think it is so cute?

     Every morning I drink a cup of hazelnut cinnamon coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it. I have to say that the Dash Diet says not so use coconut oil, but I have to. It helps my low thyroid. I have gone without it before and could tell the difference in how I feel.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A little Late for Weightloss Mondays

I am sorry about being a day late on this, but so much was going on this weekend and Monday. We had the contractor back out to redo the kitchen flooring we had done last year. There was some problems and the manufacturer gave us new flooring and he installed it yesterday.  Hope this one will work.

I hurt my back right before Christmas and could hardly do anything. No exercise and just a little walking and I mean a little walking. The back is fine now, I pulled a muscle or something the Dr said. She had me on 3 different painkillers ( not all at once) and none of them worked. She wanted me to have steriods, but I said no. My last visit was with her last week and now I am finally feeling ok and I will be able to start exercising again.

I did not gain any weight over this time and I am so happy. The Doctor said that was good news, because most people with their backs out will gain weight.  There was some bad news, I have high blood pressure. She knows I do not like to take pills unless I really have to so she put me on the Dash weightloss diet. She said this will help me lose weight and lower my blood pressure. I sure  hope so.


I went to the store and stocked up on the foods. It is just sensible eating and exercise. It has two phases, but I am going to start on phase two. The first  two weeks is very strict and I need my fruit and nuts and you can't have them on that phase.  It does have a few other things I don't like, but you don't have to eat those unless you want to. I can't eat things with artifical sweetners and they say you can have sugar free jello and yogurt.   I have decided to cut out all process foods that I can. I usually buy protein bars for snacks, but going to replace them with fruit or nuts.

Wish me luck and I will be posting on my regular day next week.