Saturday, August 29, 2015

Whats On Your Sewing Table

Here is a close up view of what's on my sewing table.  I am so happy that I have this table. I can do alot more on this table than I could do on my dining room table that I was using. No more worrying about cutting into the table or even cleaning up everything before serving dinner.

    I love to sew, make candles, and make beaded jewelry and now I have a place to do it all on without disturbing the rest of the house.

   I have alot of sewing projects for fall that I am working on and in this basket is one of them. Can you guess what it is. I will be making two new runners from this fabric, sorry you can't see the fabric behind the front one it is the main fabric for the runners.

     I love mugs and some of them I cannot part with when they get a chip in them so I reuse them for other things. This one holds my scissors and pencils.

    Every room in my home you will see  something from Ireland. This is a Belleek heart dish holding some of my beads that I will be making a necklace or bracelet from.

    Hubby saw these little containers at Walmart and bought them for some of my beads. I did not tell him I had a whole lot more beads. HA! HA!

     Here are some of my sewing patterns that I use to make my aprons and things for the home.


     That is what is on my sewing table for now, what is on yours? 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meeting The Contractor For Final Plans

Tonight we are meeting up with the contractor to make final plans and sign a contract. I cannot wait and hope things go smoothly. Our kitchen floor slopes and he is going to put a floor over it and install  vinyl wood plank for over it.

I chose a product called Smartcore  that Lowes sells. He wants me to chose one from Home Depot because he has used it before and likes it. My floor, so I want Smartcore, at least for now. He is bringing a sample for me to look at. The one he likes is TrafficMaster Interlock.

We are not stupid when it comes to contractors now. We have had the worst of them and we know what to look out for, but in the end you still do not know what will happen. This guy has good reviews and I like how he talked to us and showed us his previous work, license, and other things, which I did check out.

I will tell you about one of the contractors in the past that was the one from Hell.  One year we needed a new roof at our last house.  My Husband had been a Diesel Machanic for alot of years and had to buy all his tools. When he left that career he kept all his tools in our garage. I use to joke to him that they were worth more than our house. They cost over $20,000.00 at the time.

 One of the roofers broke his hammer and Hubby said he could use one of his and the man followed him in the garage. Two weeks after the roof was put on our Son went to the garage for some tools to work on his car. I remember it was April 1st and he came back in and said all of Dads tools was gone. I thought he was trying to April fool me. I went out and all of his tools was gone.

 We called the police and they said that there was some contractors stealing from homeowners, but could not find which ones. We could never prove it was them, but we lived in that house for over 15 years and had no problem before.

Now, I really check into who we hire when we need someone to do a job that we cannot do.

Anyone have a story that they would like to share?

Monday, August 24, 2015

French Apron for the Kitchen

        I saw this fabric on Ebay and fell in love with it so I made an apron from it. I found some   lavender fabric that match some of the colors in the fabric for the ruffles.

     This apron I call girlie girlie.  Love those ruffles.

     Here is a closer look at it.

           She is hung up with the rest of the aprons and I have enough hooks for one more apron.

We finally found a contractor to fix our floors and in two weeks he will start and I can show you our finish kitchen and laundry room that we started last year. It was so hard to find the right contractor and I am keeping my fingers cross that he will do a good job. The first one we chose said he was too busy to do it, the second started to have health problems, the third never got back to us and this one seems to be the one. I was thinking David was going to have to do it and he really did not want to. He knows what he can do and what he can't do and this was a job he did not feel he could do right.

Tomorrow I am fall cleaning our bedroom. I am alittle behind, but will get all the rooms done soon. I spring clean and fall clean the whole house.