Monday, March 31, 2014

New Pillow Covers For The Living Room

I decided to make some pillow covers for the loveseat over the weekend. The pillows on the couch had seen better days so I took these off of the loveseat and put them on the couch. Here is what it looked like in the fall. 

I looked in my stash and came up with this fabric for the pillows. Sorry about the pictures being fuzzy. I am not sure what was wrong with my camera.

  I wanted to put some piping on one pillow so I used some of the green left over from the runners I had made for my tables.

     One problem I had was that the old pillows I was using was really flat so I decided to make smaller pillows. I did not have  pillow forms so I made my own with some fabric I had on hand and that stuffing from the flatten old pillows. I just cut the fabric the size of the pillows and sew them together, added the stuffing and sew the hole up.

  This pillow cover did not have the piping around it. I made this pillow from the instructions you can find on The Seasoned Homemaker Blog . It is called How to make an envelope pillow using a french seam.

     Now this one I used the piping on. Now I wished I had a larger size piping, but I still like it. You can also find the instructions at The Seasoned Homemaker Blog.  It is here called Add Piping to a Pillow.

    Here are the new pillows on our loveseat, already for Spring now.

  The very last pillow for our room is this red pillow with ruffles.