Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Making a Tray for the Flatware Drawer

I am sort of embarrassed to show you this drawer. I had two of those plastic things to hold my flatware and kitchen things and it did not look this bad or I so I guess. I have seen some wooden frames for organizing this type of drawers and asked Hubby if he could make me one. He said to draw the design and he would try. So I got online and looked around and came up with this one. I took a magic marker and drew what I wanted.

     Hubby took the drawer out and sanded it down and took  the measurements for the wooden piece he would make.

    He went to Lowes and bought some thin wood, 16 feet of it, and came up with this. It took all of the 16 feet except for a few inches. Can you believe it.  I love my Hubby alot and he is a good Man, but sometimes he does not listen to everything I tell him. What Hubby does?  I told him I wanted to paint the inside of the drawer and to make the wood frame alittle smaller so I could take it out and  clean it when I had to. He did not hear that and the tray is alittle tight.

   So Hubby sanded the sides down more and it fits alittle snug. I just painted the top, and I see I have a smudge I need to clean off the back, and the sides. I put a liner on the bottom and put the tray on top.

     I love how it turned out. Now I have to wait until the paint cures and than I will be putting my flatware in it and put it back in the cabinet.

Before and After

Monday, August 25, 2014

Need Advice Sealing With Polyurethane On Cabinets

                                                        Or not


Need advice Ladies. I am now starting to paint my kitchen cabinets and drawers. The drawers were easy to paint, but the doors are just like the knotty pine walls. I  did just one and had to give it three coats of primer and two coats of top paint.

I called the manufacturers of the paint and they said the doors and drawers would have to cure for about two weeks.

I am not sure if I should use a clear coat of water based, so not to turn yellow, polyurethane or just to leave them be with just the paint.

I do not want to paint these cabinets again.

Has anyone done this or what advice can you give me?