Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hubby Made Two Cabinets From One

Our Kitchen is small so we have to make sure every space is used the best it can be. We are just not painting the kitchen but redoing lot of things with the cabinets. If you look at this picture you will see a small door. Behind that door is a huge cabinet with a lazy susan. It was hard putting things in it because of the size of the door. I mainly used it for storage and it was still wasted space.

           Here is what the cabinet looked like after we opened it up and took out the lazy susan and cut it straight. You can see in the picture above it came out at an angle.

             Here is what it looks like now. I hated the trash can just sitting in the kitchen. The only place to put it was near a vent, as you can see in the first picture.  I had to empty it alot so it would not smell in the winter when the heat was on.

 I looked at Lowes Online and found this in the cabinet trashcan. I have to tell you I hate their online site. At first I saw one with a lid and when I went back to order it, you cannot get it at the store, I only found one without a lid. I knew I saw one so I called and asked the Lowes clerk. She said they do not make one with a lid. So I ordered this one. I love it, but I kept thinking I did see one with a lid. I went back online and I finally found it. Too late to buy and replace, but I did find a lid sold separately. I did not want to pay the extra 21.00 so I just forgot about it.

 After thinking long and hard I decided to order it and could not find it online. I called Lowes and the clerk said they do not sell them separately. Again I knew I saw it and I went back and it took me a while to find it and I ordered it. Even though I do have problems with the Lowes close to us we still buy from them. The others are just too far to drive.

    Now to get back to the cabinet, as you can see we are using one for the trash can and one for bottled water and paper towels.  We started to use bottled water after the water problem last January in our State. We still do not trust drinking it, so we now use bottled water for drinking.

 Hubby is also going to hand make the doors for these cabinets. He has never done anything like that so I am wondering how they will turn out. I love how the trash can just rolls out.

    This week I am giving the kitchen the final coats of paint on the walls and it is looking good.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Sewing Project

It seems like we have been working on this kitchen forever so I decided to take time out to do some sewing. It is for the kitchen though, HA! HA!

We have an ugly spot in the kitchen that we cannot get rid of so I am making a wall hanging to cover it up I cannot show you how it looks in the kitchen right now because we are still working in there.

Lucky, I had all the materials on had so it did not cost me anything to make. The red around the piece is some extra binding I had on had too. The coffee squares I bought in one piece off Ebay a couple of years ago, I think there was about 16 squares to the whole piece, 2 of each design.

            When the kitchen is done it will hanging in there instead of laying on the bed, HA! HA!

          Some of the wall hangings I have made have loops, but this one I just decided to make a strip on the back for the rod to go through. The back is alittle mismatch because I wanted to use up  some of my extra fabric from other projects.

      Now back to the kitchen to do some more work.