Friday, September 19, 2014

Kitchen Update

Sorry I have not posted lately. Alot going on here with family drama, and I am having trouble with depression for last few weeks. It got worse this past week and hope to get out of it soon.
Here is a before picture in the kitchen where our stove and refrigerator sits. As you can see we do not have cabinets on this side of the wall.

                                          Now here is the after picture.

      I wanted to show you this little spot here. We still have some other projects to do in the kitchen before we get to this one. Hubby is going to build me a base cabinet here and when we bought the countertop we also bought a little one for here.

                       I hope everyone has a good weekend and I will be visiting my favorite blogs soon.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Drawers Are Done

I should say most of them are done, there are still some more in the garage to be repaired and than I can paint them. When we bought this house I put wallpaper as drawer liners. I did have some paper on hand and little money so it worked out fine. Getting wallpaper off is another problem. I scored it with a knife and mist it with water and it would not come off. Thought about it and came up with this idea. I soaked paper towels and let them lay on the scored paper for about ten minutes and than it came up with no problems. I would not do this with particle board drawers, they might warp. Mine is all wood.

      Here they are now that the wallpaper is out. Hubby did take them out to the garage before I started this to sand them down.

      I painted the insides a semi gloss paint from Lowes. I am using Olympic One and it has the primer in it. I did use a regular primer in them first though.

         As you can see I also painted the outsides too. I let them cure for a few days and than cut out liners for them. Now just waiting to put them back into the cabinets.

   Thanks for the advice about the polythureane. I have decided to not do that. Since I have knotty pine cabinets I heard that it is not wise to paint and put the polythureane over them in case the knots bleed through.  So I am leaving them as is. I gave all the walls and cabinets 4 coats of primer, and two to three coats of paint with primer in it. I have to say the Zinnser primer did better than the  Kiltz. The reason I used so much primer is because I could not stand the oil. It makes me deadly sick and I am the one doing the painting and so I went with the water based paint and primer.