Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Place For My Embroidery Thread

I was looking on Pinterest  and found this idea for my embroidery thread. I do not use it alot, but I needed a place to put them. They were in a box and you can imagine how tangled up they got when I was using them.   I got the clothes pins from the store, there was 100 in a pack and that is how many threads I had.

     I found these cylinder jars on ebay last year and was going to use them around the holidays to put decorations and candles in, but than I thought about them storing my thread. You can use any jars or bottles you like or even use a basket.

    All you have to do is take the thread and  put it around the clothes pin. I put the color number on the pin too so I can remember what color it is.

   I put the end thread in the clothes pin so it does not come unraveled.

     I love how these jars came with a candle insert and I just put a few of the pins in them for quick  getting too.

     Here they are on top of my candle supply chest. Looks good if I say so myself. 

     Hope you all are having a great weekend. Will show what I did to the rest of the room next time.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Changing the Looks of Plastic Drawers

When our Son moved out I turned his room into the guest room and than last year I used part of the room for my sewing and crafts.

 I was always using the dining room table to put my lap quilts on to pin the backing and batting together. Hubby asked me what I thought of maybe just making the guest room into a room for my sewing and crafts. We really don't have many people that come over  and stay the night and Hubby said we can always buy one of those blow up beds and store it so when someone does come over they will have a bed to sleep in.

So now I am at work making the guest room into my sewing/craft room and I will be sharing with you all the things I am doing to it. We gave the bed and bedding to our local Goodwill, but I am keeping the chest of drawers so when someone does stay over they will have something to put their things in. We went and bought a full size blow up bed with new sheets and they are in the closet for when someone does visit overnight they will have a bed to sleep in.

Here is my first project. I have three of those plastic drawers that I store my sewing and craft things in. The only problem is you can see through them and it does look messy. I do scrapbooking and thought to use some of the paper to put in the drawers to hide the mess.


     This is what I was talking about,  you can see what the drawers look like before I put the paper in  them. I just cut them so they would fit in the drawers. I did use some tape so they would not fall  down.  I was leaning when I took the picture so the floor looks like it is sloping, but it is not. HA! HA! 

   I used three sheets for this drawer and as you can see I taped them in the middle. They were not long enough to use just one.

       I used this design on the side and 1/2 sheet fit perfectly in each drawer.

    I have two of these and they fit perfectly under the table that I now use to pin my batting, backing, and quilt front together,  plus do other projects on.

    Here is a smaller one that I keep some of my sewing supplies in and close to my sewing table.

    Now that project is done and on to the next one. This one has to do with embroidery thread and how I store it. Come back and see what I did, it is so cute.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Someone Took My Pillow So I Made Another One

Remember the pillow cover in the last post, well someone came over and took it. A friend loved it so much I just gave it to her and decided to make a new pillow cover. This one is just squares sewn together with a border.

      I did decide to make this one with batting behind it to give a more quilted look. You cannot see the quilting lines on the picture above, but on the batting you can and in person it shows up more.

    I made the backing from this fabric, but I now wished I chose a lighter color since you can see some of it from the front of the pillow.

     Here is what is looks like on the bed and you can see what I mean about the back showing up.

     All the pillows on the bed.

    I have a surprise for the next post about what we did to this room. Hubby and I talked about it and now it does not look the same. Will tell all and share more about what we did.