Friday, June 22, 2018

Info On No Reply Comments

I love getting comments on  my blog and getting the comments emailed to me. I love replying to those that have their email address's open. For those that have No Reply, I always replied to them on my blog. I was not sure if they ever returned to read them, but I thought if they should I wanted them to know that I appreciated them commenting.

Well, Blogger has decided that we all should be No Reply and have no choice. I have met so many bloggers through the comments they left and with some I have developed a friendship with. I am not sure it would have happen if they were all No Reply.

There is a way that we can get around the no reply with most bloggers and that is if they have their email on their blogger profile. We can than save it to our address book and when we get their comment to our email we can put in their address. A lot of work for some of us, but it is a way of replying to their comment. I would prefer the other way.

I have tried contacting Blogger about this problem because I know others feel the same way I do and this is what I got in return. I am not sure if Send Feedback will work, but I did it anyway.


Thanks for sharing your question today - and welcome to the Blogger Support forums.

Commenting is a public discussion - as this forum. It does not lend itself to private email discussions.

Blogger uses "noreply" email addresses to protect blog owners and blog readers from unwisely revealing their email addresses (and possibly account names) to other people. Before they allowed actual email addresses to be shared, comment email was an email mining activity for blog theft.

The "noreply" email address is one way Blogger protects you and your blog - and your readers and their blogs - from impersonation and theft. This allows Blogger Security to spend less time researching blog theft / impersonation claims - and spend more time working on other security issues. This benefits all blog owners, with Blogger Security working on making our blogs safer for us.

Why not use "Google Feedback", and tell the developers that you would prefer an option for private discussions?

Submit feedback directly to the Blogger team, using “Send feedback”.

Your feedback is important, to improve Blogger services and functionality. This also helps determine unnoticed issues with the Blogger product.

The "Send feedback" dashboard button (behind the button, at bottom right) is where you start.

Start from the Blogger dashboard.

Look in the lower right corner, of many dashboard pages.