Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Kitchen Ceiling Is Up

Over the weekend we finally got the ceiling finished. This was not in our budget, but Hubby said it would be better to do it now. So we chose to do this instead of a new floor.
We are going to save money up and buy a new floor next Spring. Hubby put this up in the Laundry room and loved how it went up. Actually he was able to put this up by himself with alittle help from me with the really long boards.
This stuff is not cheap. We did the kitchen for about $600.00 and for us that is alot. I would love to do the living room in this, but there is no way.  We figure it would cost about  twice as much for that room. We do have some repairs we have to do to the livingroom ceiling, but that is another day. We do intend to do the bath when it comes time to redo it. The ceiling in there is small and should be about half of what it cost for the kitchen.

    This is what our ceiling looked like before we put the boards up. In the corner you can see where the old cabinet was that Hubby took down.

     Here is a closer look at it. I usually had to dust it off about four times a year. That is dust bunnies that you see in black. I have not cleaned it since May. You can see whoever put this stuff on the ceiling did a very bad  job.  It started out as circles and ended up just sloppy.


    Now you see what the new ceiling looks like. So beautiful isn't it. We are not getting any money or products  from Armstrong for saying this, but this stuff is great to put up.

We are taking a break from working on the kitchen for a few weeks. We ran into another problem with the cabinet doors. The new hinges I bought will not fit. We tried to buy new ones, but could not find any that would fit. We have old cabinets and the way they are made is different than most. So, Hubby has to cut into all the cabinet doors to put the new hinges in.
We both agreed that we need a break from this kitchen, so we are going to do that and take a needed rest and get refresh to finish it later.
It seems that the kitchen is really looking country too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Organizing My Sewing Room

Now that the kitchen things are going back into the kitchen I am getting my sewing/guest room back to normal. I needed something to keep my fabric and sewing supplies in so I went to Walmart and bought this storage unit. I already had the bins and they were sitting in my closet with material in them. I have several of the bins with material in them, one scrap fabric in it, and one has odd and ends.

 I love hearts and this little basket has one that I made and two from blogging friend Carol. I plan on adding more to it and maybe get a bigger basket. I have seen on other blogs basketful of cute little hearts and I love collecting them. I have made several to hang on our door knobs. You can see one on the door knob in this room. If you want to add to my collection hearts in the basket you are more than welcome to send them to me, HA! HA!

 I am a beginner quilter and here are my books. I really hate to say I am a quilter because I don't consider myself that good yet to call myself one. I just love to sew.

                           I love  candles and have them in every room. I make them and buy them. I bought this one from Khols.

                 Here is my sewing table that Hubby made for me last year and my sewing spot.

       Hubby made these shelves for me too and the clock was made by our Daughter when she was in grade school. That would make it 27 years old and it still works fine. I keep sewing things in the blue mason jars.  I know you can't see the picture too well, but that is two of our grandchildren.

          Just thought I would show you how I organize the room and will be sewing more things now.  
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.