Monday, June 25, 2018

The Veggie Garden Is Over Flowing

I cannot wait to get veggies from our garden and will be picking out the zucchini soon. I see blossoms everywhere on the other plants so we will be getting  them soon.  Here is what the garden has looked like this year.

We planted marigolds, zucchini, green beans, cucumber, four different types of tomatoes and 4 different types of peppers. We put a fence around it because of the bunny rabbits. This was the middle of May.

                  This was early June and you can see they have grown so much.

Here we are now in late June. We have had so much rain and sun and everything has grown so much.

These are my plum tomatoes and I cannot wait to eat them. Tomatoes are so much better when you are able to grow them.

          These are my bush beans and they are my favorite beans of all. 

If you look really close you can see a baby cucumber. Hubby loves them, but sadly I cannot eat them anymore. Gives me horrible heartburn.

         Another of my favorites is zucchini. I cook and bake them many ways.

I did not get a picture of the peppers They are on the other side of the tomatoes and I took all these pictures from my back porch. We do organic gardening and this year it has really taken off. Hubby has done all the work.

My knees have gotten worse and I can not walk too much to work in it this year. Hoping in a couple of weeks they will be better. I am getting gel put in them. I have horrible and painful osteoarthritis in them.

Next post will be about zucchini and the bread I will be making from them.  Have a Happy Week.