Picture Frames with Inspirational Sayings

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I had some old frames that I wanted to make fresh and put in some inspirational sayings to put above my desk space. See what I came up with. Sorry about not having a before picture of the first frame. It was just a plain wood frame that I painted yellow. My printer only prints in black and white so that is why I did not have colorful sayings.  You can go online and find quotes and sayings that you can print out on your own and that is what I did.

     I had some pretty pink tape that I decorated the frame with and you can see the full saying here.  I did not noticed that the first picture glared out some words.  I took a yellow magic marker and filled in the white dots.


      Here is another old wood frame that I had and painted it blue.

     I decorated it with more of the pink decorated tape I had.  My camera got blurred. It seems when my battery gets low in my camera everything blurs. Had to go and charge it up.

    Hubby made me this out of an old piece of wood. I just painted  a design on it.


     I did this by hand and was going to make it darker, but afraid it would come out all blurred. Still came out ok don't you think?

I will show them up on the wall in another post, now back to another project.


Mat for my Desk

Saturday, August 20, 2016

I have a desk in my sewing room that I am redecorating. It was where I did my sewing, but now I am making it my area for my laptop and other things. In the next few posts you will see what I have done.

First I made a small mat for my lamp and pen container.    I wanted it to be a circle with batting in the middle. I used some scrap batting and sewed it together with a zig zag stitch. I don't like to waste anything.

     I think you can remember this fabric. It was the  scrap I had when I made the new cover for my sewing basket lid.

   This is scrap from another project I am still working on. I love the bright color.

    I sew the batting, top, and back fabric together and just quilted simple lines down it and finished it off with some red binding.

                          Here is my lamp and pen container on it.

                 Now on to my next project. Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Picnic Basket into Magazine Basket

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Years ago I turned an old picnic basket into a magazine basket. I just took the top off and painted it white. I don't have a picture of the before. I decided to paint it green, but when I put the green on I did not like it.

  I had some yellow paint and decided to paint it over the green that I put on it. Have you ever started a project and than decided you did not like it and change it? I do that alot. You know those little paint samples at the store that is 8oz, that is what I am using to paint my projects. They were on sale for .99 and I bought a few of them for some painting projects.

   I had to add alittle bling to it and remember when I put the trim on a lampshade for our boho bedroom? I had some left over and put it on the basket. Don't turn the basket around, because I did not have enough to go all around it. It will set up against a wall so you will never see the back. I than had some gold thumb tacks and put them over the trim to hold it on.

       Now it holds my favorite magazines and I will show you later where it goes in the room.

   We have been having a horrible heat wave here and I cannot wait til Fall. I am even dreaming of my fall projects to make. On to the next project for the sewing room.

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