Saturday, October 25, 2014

Left Side of Cabinets Finished or Kinda

This weekend we finished the left side of the bottom cabinets. We plan to make a new cabinet between the stove and refrigerator so some of these things  will be moved to it when we make it.
Here is what one of the cabinets looked like before we redid them. I hated this cabinet because it had alot of wasted space. See that little door, behind it was a huge lazy susan, but it was hard to put anything in it because the door was so small.
                   Now you can see how big that cabinet was inside without the lazy susan.

                                 Here are the cabinets after Hubby painted the insides.

     Now you can see what Hubby did. He took the one cabinet and made two, one for the trashcan and one for storage with a shelf.   The cabinet beside it he put more sliding shelves in it, this time with handles.

     Now it is up to me to paint all the cabinet doors and put them up. Hubby has already sanded them all down for me. He has to build the cabinet between the stove and refrigerator and make three doors from scratch to cover the cabinets he made. The floor will be done next April when we save the money for it.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Back to the Kitchen and Creating More Space

This weekend we started back in the kitchen to do some work. This is the right side of our cabinets. As you can see this is what it looked like before the painting and new countertop. I always hated this cabinet because it  did not have shelves and you could not organize it very well. It looks like two cabinets, but it is actually one long one with three doors.

                    Here you see it all painted and of course the new countertop was put in, but do you see  what was one long cabinet is now two. Hubby put a wall up.

     Now I really like the cabinets. Hubby put a shelf in and we bought some wire baskets from Walmart and now I have a place to put the onions and potatoes. The wire baskets came with cloth liners, but I took them out.   The next thing Hubby did was to make me two sliding out shelves for our can food , cereal and such.

    Next week I will show you the left side.